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Built on SDR's own goMobile! Platform, cutting-edge mobile solutions enable or­ganizations to realize cost savings and in­creased efficiency.

Let SDR show you how its suite of fully-integrated mobile data collection applications allow you to deliver work flow to mobile workers and enable end-to-end collaboration with their office-based counterparts and “back-end” systems.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Carefully crafted mobile technologies enable you to place timely information in the hands of your field-based employees where it is most needed. Untethered access to critical data - such as inventory, pricing and availability — helps your mobile sales force close more sales and provide a higher level of customer service. Likewise, Field Service Technicians benefit from having instantaneous access to service histories, open work orders, and more.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

The implementation of a mobile data collection solution helps eliminate duplication of effort and immediately increases productivity. When utilizing mobile technologies, it is no longer necessary to transition data from the field by way of faxes, emails, and manual data entry or other error-prone methods. The data is collected at the field-level and immediately becomes available to your “back-end” processes.

Cost-Effective Mobile Solutions

cost-effective mobile solutions

Our highly skilled software and hardware teams develop tightly integrated, reliable solutions designed to enhance your business, increase workflows and maximize your return on investment.

SDR’s goMobile! Platform leverages the latest technologies while capitalizing on the technology investments you have already made.

And, because time is money, the goMobile! Platform was designed to make implementation and rollout a breeze.


SDR partners with several hardware vendors, each supporting a variety of capabilities and features. This variety enables the delivery of just the right solution for your business. From the simple to the complex, SDR will design and develop a system that will far exceed your expectations.

  • Basic mobile data collection
  • Forms-based processing
  • Wired and wireless communications
  • Barcode scanning
  • Photo imaging
  • Email-enabled applications
  • GPS-enabled applications
  • Phone-enabled applications
  • Signature capture
  • Automatic deployment of software upgrades
  • Advanced version control
  • Device-independent solutions